Jugendcamp Altenmarkt 2005: Feedback der TeilnehmerInnen

Participants Europe at School in Altenmarkt 2005, Fotocredit: Veronique Schons Participants Europe at School in Altenmarkt 2005
Fotocredit: Veronique Schons

«I really discovered that people from Austria, Bulgaria, Macedonia or Portugal are completely the same as in Lithuania. (…) Young people will always be interested on current affairs in life (…) I spotted that everyone is open to you as much as you are (…). We will really miss each other, not only as people from abroad but as FRIENDS as we met in the most unique gathering of all Europe!» (Danute Cepaite / Lithuania)

«Altenmarkt will be a great experience for my whole life. (…) I learned a lot about Europe.» (Marie Hölkemeier / Germany)

Point of View Workshop, Fotocredit: Veronique Schons Point of View Workshop
Fotocredit: Veronique Schons
fltr: Hoelkemeier Marie (DE), Georgieva Gergana (BG), Vankova Michaela (CZ), Brett Ondrej (CZ), Pilkova Alexandra (SK), Pilkova Katarina (SK), Schwartz Elisabeth (AT)
center: Merdzo Paul (AT, workshop leader)
Living Art Workshop, Fotocredit: Veronique Schons Living Art Workshop
Fotocredit: Veronique Schons
fltr: Merrick Caoimhe (IE), Boykova Zharova Maria (BG), Schons Véronique (LU, workshop leader), Gievska Aleksandra (MK), Loimayer Irene Eva (AT), Bartfai Mira (HU), Ivanova Irina (RU)
Magazine Workshop, Fotocredit: Veronique Schons Magazine Workshop
Fotocredit: Veronique Schons
fltr: Pinezhaninova Yulia (RU), Stergar Spela (SI), Cepaite Danute (LT), Kisiel Anna (PL), Angelovska Frosina (MK), Slipska Barbara (PL), Pham Thanh Nhan (DE), Erken Meltem (TR, workshop leader)
Magic Slides Workshop, Fotocredit: Veronique Schons Magic Slides Workshop
Fotocredit: Veronique Schons
fltr: Hegedus Gabor (HU), Sakalauskaite Monika (LT), Fidalgo Carlos Dania (PT), Pereira Gomes Afonso Vitor (PT), Lydon Katie (IE), Virc Ziga (SI),
bottom: Schuller Katharina (AT), Trogbacher-Blodgett Lydia (AT, workshop leader)

«The week was great!! (…) So this is something I could tell my grand-children!» (Spela Stergar / Slovenia)

«I just wished it dured longer!» (Frosina Angelovska / Macedonia)

«This gathering is my first important journey in my life. Because I have learned much of things. For example about the people in my age and in other countries.» (Nhan Pham Thanh / Germany)

«I think I'll pay more attention from now on to what's going on in Europe.» (Caoimhe Merrick / Ireland)

«The gathering showed me how important it is to work together.» (Katharina Schuller / Austria)

«This gathering was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. (…) It made me be a more independent person (and punctual!!!) The way the activities were organized gave me the self-confidence to express myself and my opinions. (…) I learned a lot about the cultures and the gathering made me realise that the slogan ´United in Diversity` really does represent and reflect European ideas. I now feel more like a European. (…) Thank you for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.» Katie Lydon / Ireland

«And my answer to the question: ‹Will you change anything (concerning the gathering in Altenmarkt)?› …. NO.» (Katarina Pikova / Slovak Republic)

«I'd really like to meet some of them (participants in Altenmarkt) in some years!» (Irene Eva Loimayer / Austria)

«It was a fantastic experience. I take delight that I can get to know with them.» (Gabor Hegedüs / Hungary)

«Now I know that although Europe is a multicultural continent, we all are the same.» (Barbara Slipska / Poland)

«The gathering brought people together. (…) Your realize that there are differences but not that big.» (Ziga Virc / Slovenia)

«Generally the gathering encouraged the participants understanding for the different and was some kind of fulfilment of the dream of United Europe.» (Maria Zharova / Bulgaria)

Excursion to the saltmine in Hallein, Fotocredit: Veronique Schons Excursion to the saltmine in Hallein
Fotocredit: Veronique Schons
European Evening, Fotocredit: Veronique Schons European Evening
Fotocredit: Veronique Schons
Ennstalerhof, Fotocredit: Veronique Schons Ennstalerhof
Fotocredit: Veronique Schons


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