Europe at School Gathering 2007

Altenmarkt / Austria

Veranstalter: Bundesministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kultur
Organisation: STA-Travel, KulturKontakt Austria
Ort: Ennstalerhof, 5541 Altenmarkt, Austria, Tel: +43/6452/4870

Thema: „Equal Opportunities for All? Ideal und Realität

Teilnehmer/innen: 18
Zeit: August 04–10, 2007
Alter: 17–20

Abendessen, Fotocredit: Karoline Schober Abendessen
Fotocredit: Karoline Schober


18 Jugendliche aus 8 europäischen Ländern wurden als Preisträger/innen des europaweiten Wettbewerbes »Europe at School« zu einem Jugendtreffen nach Altenmarkt eingeladen.

Die Teilnehmer/innen kamen aus folgenden Ländern: Deutschland (4), Italien (1), Österreich (1), Romänien (1), Slowakische Republik (3), Slowenien (1), Ungarn (3), Zypern (2), Tschechische Republik (2).

Es geht darum, dass die Jugendlichen ihre Ideen und Erfahrungen austauschen, ein Zusammengehörigkeitsgefühl in der Gruppe entwickeln, Unterschiede und Gemeinsamkeiten entdecken, interkulturelles Lernen erfahren, gemeinsam zum Thema des Treffens arbeiten und diskutieren und nicht zuletzt das Gastgeberland ein wenig kennen lernen und viel Spaß haben!
Die Umsetzung all dieser Vorhaben fand mithilfe von Aktivitäten in Kleingruppen und in Workshops, mittels Besprechungen und Diskussionen im Plenum und durch Exkursionen und Ausflügen statt.

Feedback der TeilnehmerInnen:

Ennstalerhof Workshop, Fotocredit: Karoline Schober Ennstalerhof Workshop
Fotocredit: Karoline Schober

«During the whole week I felt happy, relaxed and very comfortable. The conclusion of this gathering in my opinion is – different but the same!
We are coming from different countries, families and we all have different backgrounds, but we are connected by our age and Europe. I will go home richer – richer because of my experience of my colourful Europe, knowing that I have a friend in every corner of Europe. And this feeling nobody can take away from you. Those memories can hardly be forgotten!» (Nika Misija, Croatia)

Gruppenfoto, Fotocredit: Karoline Schober Gruppenfoto
Fotocredit: Karoline Schober

«What I really liked was the international mix here of all the participants. It was great to get to know different cultures which I haven’t learned about a lot so far.
All in all, I would say that the gathering provided a perfect opportunity to get to know people from all over Europe, to discuss their point of views and to get to know their way of life. It was a good chance for everybody to broaden his or her horizon and therefore I think that I have learned a lot from this gathering.» (Vera Gottwald, Germany)

Gruppenfoto, Fotocredit: Karoline Schober Gruppenfoto
Fotocredit: Karoline Schober

«This week was the best experience I ever had. I learned from other people about their languages, countries and cultures. I have achieved knowledge about how EU works… I have met various people with their unique behaviour. I am so happy that I could see different places from Europe.» (Barbora Kubíková, Slovakia)

Gruppenfoto Liechtensteinklamm, Fotocredit: Karoline Schober Gruppenfoto Liechtensteinklamm
Fotocredit: Karoline Schober

«This gathering was great, it was my first, and the people were friendly, interesting, funny… We were a good group an we enjoyed the time together and had a lot of fun together. The teamer and the excursions could not be better. It was all well planned. I have learned a lot of other countries and interesting people. It was a great experience and I think I can remember it with a smile! That is an experience for the whole life!» (Constanze Rickert, Germany)

«I think that this gathering was a perfect opportunity to meet new people from other countries and to make an exchange of experience and traditions.
It was very interesting that we found out something about new about each country from Europe and I saw that we are not so different, we are all the same, the only difference is that we belong to other countries.
At the end of this week I can say that it was a really good experience and that the gathering was a total success.» (Mihaela Olteanu, Romania)

«I think that the gathering was great. I have learned so much about the other countries and other point of views. I made new friends and I learned about new cultures. I feel very happy because I could discover the “European Spirit” and the facilities Europe can give everyone of us.» (Giorgos Charalambous, Cyprus)

Workshop, Fotocredit: Karoline Schober Workshop
Fotocredit: Karoline Schober
Gruppenspiel, Fotocredit: Karoline Schober Gruppenspiel
Fotocredit: Karoline Schober
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