Being a citizen in a changing Europe – Österreich in Europa: 1905–2005

Being a citizen in a changing Europe
Österreich in Europa: 1905–2005

Jugendcamp Altenmarkt 2004: Feedback der TeilnehmerInnen

Gruppenfoto vor dem Ennstalerhof

»... and now the end is near, and I wish we have just a few more days. And I feel like I know these people for years and not just only for 5 days.«
(anonymous participant)

»... the excursions we made were interesting, because we got to see Austrian culture.«
(anonymous participant)

»I wish we had more time in general to spend with each other. The activities we made were funny and interesting because, it's very unusual to do something with people from other countries anyway. This gathering changed my ideas about 'Europe' and people living in different countries of Europe because I realized that people from other countries are almost he same - not considering that they are speaking different languages!«


»The thing which made me uncomfortable, was getting up in the morning«
(anonymous participant)

»Would you like to repeat this experience if possible? Yes! Yes! And yes!!!«

»The thing which made me uncomfortable was, when it rained in Altenmarkt.«


»During the gathering, what I really enjoyed most, was, when we had an unusual party with dressed with unusual clothes. But I wish I would have had more time for sleeping. Now at the end of the gathering I'm surprised – I really enjoyed people from this gathering.«
(anonymous participant)

»Our teamers were very nice! I think they did a great job with all the explanations for us and letting us choose things on our own (bedtime) :.«
(anonymous participant)

See mit Boot

»The workshops we made were useful, because it's difficult to accept the ideas of all the others and funny, because we laughed a lot.«

»Would you like to repeat this experience if possible? Yes, because I like to meet new people and I like to know something about other cultures. I am a very open-minded person and I like everybody who is like this!«
(anonymous participant)

Besichtigung des Salzbergwerks

»What I enjoyed most, was when we've been in the salt mine, when we made parties in the disco and when we played and talked together. The excursions we made were 'funny', because we could see a lot of beautiful mountains. The teamers were very cute and it's cool that they've been responsible for us!«
(anonymous participant)

Altenmarkt-Bericht von Mary Henrotte
(PDF, französisch, 200 KB)


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